Dear You,
Take you're time, look around at all the sessions that are out there. Feel what resonates the most. In your heart and being. If you have questions, please get in touch. Also if you want to consult what is most appropriate for you. Or if you are looking for something that is not in the offer. Making combinations between the treatments is also possible. Just like designing a longer and personalized program. Follow your heart.

Healing (60 minutes)      €80,-

Een healing journey, speciaal op jou afgestemd. Om een diepe innerlijke healing te ervaren. Klik hier om meer over deze sessie te lezen.

Reading (60 minutes)      €80,-

Een journey van ziel tot ziel. Waarin alles mag ontstaan en je precies zult ontvangen waar je ziel om vraagt. Klik hier voor meer informatie.

Healing + Reading (90 - 120 minutes)  €144,-

In the healing and reading in one, we combine all aspects of both sessions, in one beautiful extended session. So that you can receive a deep healing energy. So that you can recieve a deep healing on multiple levels.

A session that will stay with you for a long time and will affect you positively on many levels. Click here for more information. 

Flash reading (30 minutes)    €40,-

A short but powerful session to experience the magic of mediumship. A nice session if you want to experience what I do and how I work. Or if you have some (short) questions that you would like to have answered. This session is also very suitable to give as a present. Click here for more information. 

Healing + zielsklik (60 - 90 minutes)    €122,-

Do you want to experience a wonderful session where you go back to the essence? In which you feel completely yourself again? Where everything finally "falls into place". So you can start flowing and living the way it is meant for you. Then read on and book the session here. A deep and healing, inward journey all for you.

Click here for more information about the session.

Foto-reading (60 minutes)    €80,-

Are you missing someone who has already moved to the light? Do you want contact with a (deceased) loved one? Then I can highly recommend this session! Like a warm bath, together we descend towards contact between you and the person you want.

Click here for more information about this session.

Massage (60 minutes)   €80,-

Would you like to receive a nice massage?
A wonderful massage, a true gift to give and receive. In this session I invite you on the massage table to step into your deepest state of being. So that you can fully relax.

Click here for more information about this session.

Yearreading (60 -90 minutes) 88,-

The end of 2022 is comming closer and closser. That means one thing.. The Year reading is live again. If you want to dive deep in 2023 this reading is for you. This reading gives you insight and direction for the upcomming year. Per month you will recieve messages en theme's from our guides. It's a healing experience.

Click here for more information about this session.

Cadeaubon (vanaf) €10,-

A birthday, a party, a farewell or the holiday gifting season..Whatever the occasion is, this gift is the perfect gift.

Original, of great value and so very loving to give.
Starting from 10,- euro's, so for every budget a suitable gift. Click here for more information.